Orthotics at Aurora Foot & Ankle Clinic in Langley, BC

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics Device Langley BCOrthotics, also known as orthoses, refers to any custom-made device inserted into a shoe that correct an abnormal or irregular, walking pattern. Sometimes called arch supports or shoe inserts, orthotics allow people to stand, walk, and run more efficiently and comfortably. While over-the-counter orthotics are available and may help people with mild symptoms, they normally cannot correct the wide range of symptoms that prescription foot orthotics can since they are not custom made to fit an individual's unique foot structure.


Why do I need a custom orthotic by Dr. Stanford?

You may have tried over the counter insoles, or perhaps even a custom orthotic produced by a pedorthist or chiropractor and wonder how can a custom orthotic prescribed by Dr. Stanford be any different?

Orthotics Langley BC

A custom orthotic by Dr. Stanford begins with a discussion of your particular symptoms and a detailed biomechanical exam and gait analysis. Following which, He gives an explanation of your diagnosis by describing in detail your foot condition and any contributing biomechanical problems.  He then prescribes a custom orthotic specifically designed to correct the function and movement of your foot, to assist with resolution of your symptoms and foot condition. As a Foot Surgeon, Dr. Stanford has an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the foot and ankle and affect of proper alignment on the entire body.

Using the ScanCast 3D laser scanner, three dimensional laser images are then taken of the foot while manipulated into a corrected position and submitted for fabrication from raw materials custom to your prescription. Our orthotics are fabricated by Langer Biomechanics, a leader in prescription custom orthotic fabrication.

At Aurora Foot & Ankle Clinic, we prescribe and fit many different types of custom orthotics to meet the needs of any age or any activity type.

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Custom Orthotic

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