Custom Orthotics by Dr. Stanford

Our podiatrist, Dr. Stanford, DPM, travels internationally to learn the most contemporary and comprehensive approach to correcting foot function and pathology with custom foot orthotics.  This allows him to remain at the forefront of foot and ankle biomechanics and custom foot orthotic prescription.  He believes that to correct a complex biomechanical problem with the foot, one must understand the complexity of the contributing pathology in detail, and the applicable prescription elements for a corrective custom foot orthotic.  It is this expertise and commitment to continued education that allows Dr. Stanford, DPM to prescribe the very best fitting, most functionally correct, highest performing custom foot orthotics available.  Don't settle for second best!  Visit Dr. Stanford, DPM at Aurora today!

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics Device Langley BC

A custom foot orthotic is the tool the podiatrist uses to correct foot motion contributing to injury, tissue damage, joint wear, arthritis, and pain.  It is also the tool used to promote proper function, restore natural movement patterns, prolong joint lifespan, prevent injury, and promote wellness of the body from it's bony foundation, the 28 bones of the foot.  A custom foot orthotic may benefit pathology not only affecting the foot and ankle, but also the leg, knee, thigh, hip, and even the spine.

Orthotics Langley BC

Why do I need a custom orthotic by Dr. Stanford?

You may have tried over-the-counter insoles, or perhaps even a custom orthotic produced by another health professional and wonder - how will a custom orthotic prescribed by Dr. Stanford be any different?

The traditional method of prescribing custom foot orthotics is based on a text book written in 1971, which focuses on limiting motion and bringing the foot to an arbitrary neutral position.  Dr. Stanford, DPM, approaches each foot individually, and focuses on your own personal anatomy and function.  Rather than just limiting motion, his approach is to promote proper function, to restore the natural movement and function of the body.  A functional custom foot orthotic should be comfortable, it should be missed when not in your shoes!  Dr. Stanford, DPM, is committed to producing the most functional devices available, based on the most comprehensive and contemporary understanding of biomechanics, which result in the most positive outcomes for patients.

A custom orthotic by Dr. Stanford begins with a discussion of your particular symptoms and a detailed biomechanical exam and gait analysis. Following which, he gives an explanation of your diagnosis by describing in detail your foot condition and any contributing biomechanical problems. He then prescribes a custom orthotic specifically designed to correct the function and movement of your foot, to assist with resolution of your symptoms and foot condition, as well as improve function and alignment throughout the body. 

Using the VeriScan 3D Digital Laser Scanner, three dimensional digital volumetric laser images are then taken of the foot while manipulated into a corrected neutral or footprint position, and submitted for fabrication from raw materials custom to your prescription. Our orthotics are fabricated by Paris Orthotics, a leader in prescription custom orthotic fabrication.

At Aurora Foot & Ankle Clinic, we prescribe and fit many different types of custom orthotics to meet the needs of any age or any activity type.

For more information on Orthotics in the Langley, BC area call Aurora Foot & Ankle Clinic at (604) 248-8985 today!

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