How To Care For Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

Diabetic Foot CareIf you are a patient with diabetes in Langley, BC, it’s important that you learn how to care for your feet and also keep up with regular appointments with your foot doctor. Aurora Foot & Ankle Clinic in Langley, BC is a podiatry practice that is committed to helping diabetic patients maintain good foot health and also treat existing conditions.

Diabetes Concerns
Due to the high levels of glucose in their blood and lessened ability to fight infections, patients who have diabetes are at a higher risk of problems with their feet. Sores and wounds can become ulcers that take weeks or even months to fully heal, and if they go untreated they can lead to amputations. Proper foot care, along with general management of diabetic symptoms, is crucial to ensure ongoing health and wellness.

Diabetic Foot Care
The best way to ensure that your feet remain healthy is to take preventative measures. There are a few important points to keep in mind for foot care if you’re a patient who has been diagnosed with diabetes:

  • Clip your toenails carefully to avoid ingrown toenails.
  • Gently wash your feet in lukewarm soapy water (preferably mild soap).
  • Wear high-quality, comfortable, well-fitting shoes (talk to Aurora Foot & Ankle Clinic about orthotic options).
  • Wear socks when it’s cold and always wear shoes or slippers to protect your feet.
  • Do not cut or manipulate corns or calluses.
  • Avoid fungal infections by keeping your feet dry.
  • Check your feet every day and see your Langley, BC foot doctor at any sign of a sore, wound or a cut that doesn’t heal.
  • Take your prescribed diabetes medications and keep your sugar levels at a manageable level.

Visit Your Podiatrist

When you have diabetes, it’s very important that you maintain contact with your foot doctor, schedule regular checkups and visit when you notice any potential concerns. Effective treatments are available—the sooner you see your doctor about a wound, cut or foot pain, the better for your healing process. Call Aurora Foot & Ankle Clinic in Langley, BC today at (604) 248-8985 for assistance.

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