Pediatric Foot Care

Dr. Stanford is a Board Certified Podiatrist and a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics. He attends conferences annually to stay on top of Pediatric Foot Conditions and Treatments.  He also specializes in children's biomechanics and pediatric custom orthotics. 


Children’s foot care is often overlooked but equally important as adult foot care. There are many pediatric foot conditions that are painful or problematic for proper growth and development. In fact, there are certain conditions that may worsen if not treated early. It is very common for Dr. Stanford to evaluate and treat patients as young as infants to prevent certain conditions from developing.

Pediatric Foot Conditions:

With all the things parents are to monitor during their child's early growth and development, we strongly encourage parents to watch their child's walking pattern. Take note if they appear to frequently tip-toe, limp or avoid walking or running in general. If they repeatedly report of foot, ankle or knee pain, they will benefit from early intervention.

In most cases, problems noticed at birth will not disappear by themselves. If you have noticed something not quite right - trust your gut! It is recommended that you should have your child evaluated early and not wait until they are walking age. Many treatments are quite simple and painless.

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